Would You Like Ice With That?

So The Beast From The East is upon us!  It’s hard enough being a Furniture Whisperer through the winter months without these conditions.   The way I get around working outside is to paint small items so I can do them in my kitchen.  Of course I cant move all my materials inside so when I went into my shed yesterday for my Rustoleum Chalk White paint I was amazed to find out that it had frozen.

Frozen Chalk Paint

I asked my fellow painters on a fabulous Facebook Page called Essentially Shabby and it was suggested to let it thaw out naturally and everything should be fine.  Luckily I had another new tin of the same colour to use whilst this one was thawing out, and after a couple of hours near the kitchen radiator and a thoroughly good stir the paint was back to normal.

Chalk Paint Thawed out

So thats a lesson learned for future icy blasts, if chalk paint freezes all is not lost because it will thaw out and can be used as normal.

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