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Would You Like Ice With That?

So The Beast From The East is upon us!  It’s hard enough being a Furniture Whisperer through the winter months without these conditions.   The way I get around working outside is to paint small items so I can do them in my kitchen.  Of course I cant move all my materials inside so when I…

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Table for six. Hand Painted Furniture.

  It has been quite a few weeks since my last post and this is due to two things, first I have been on holiday to beautiful Tuscany in Italy and secondly I was recommended for my first commissioned job which was a dining table and 6 chairs. The job came through a family member…

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Top of the Charts!

Firstly Ciao and Ola – I have reached Italy and Brasil and Portugal – Happy Days my keywords are finally working. Since I have started my venture into Shabby Chic Furniture Restoration my interest in paint, wax, paint brushes and sand paper has increased massively, sad I know but there you go.  Now I do not…

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