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Would You Like Ice With That?

So The Beast From The East is upon us!  It’s hard enough being a Furniture Whisperer through the winter months without these conditions.   The way I get around working outside is to paint small items so I can do them in my kitchen.  Of course I cant move all my materials inside so when I…

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Spring has sprung!

I am so glad that the warmer drier weather is here I find it really difficult to work through the winter, as my workshop is full of furniture so I tend to work outside where the light is better, so when the weather is wet or cold and frosty I can’t really get anything done,…

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Put a lid on it!

I love what I do that’s why I do it, I don’t do it because I make a load of cash because believe me I don’t.  I love most aspects of up-cycling furniture right from mooching around second hand shops and antiques markets to browsing in the DIY shops looking at brushes, paint and wax.…

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Working With Black Chalk Paint

Commission pieces are a huge part of this business which is why I love doing what I do, one of the best feelings is to give a lovely old fashioned piece of furniture a new lease of life, especially when the client falls in love with it all over again.  So when I was asked…

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