Table for six. Hand Painted Furniture.

Vintage-Cat-Head-Image  It has been quite a few weeks since my last post and this is due to two things, first I have been on holiday to beautiful Tuscany in Italy and secondly I was recommended for my first commissioned job which was a dining table and 6 chairs.

The job came through a family member who also likes to dabble in Hand Painted furniture but she works full-time and really didn’t have the time to do it, so she recommended me.  I arranged to go and see the lady at her house so I could take a look at the dining set and give her a quote on price and length of time it would take me.  As I had never done anything like this for somebody  else before it was to be a massive learning curve.  The table and chairs were made of very solid wood but were dark and as they originally belonged to her Father-in-Law she didn’t want to get rid of them.  I took along my USB drive with pictures of pieces of hand painted furniture that I had already done and also some magazines with some pictures I thought might interest her.  She was quite sure of the look she wanted which was to brighten it all up with white paint and slight distressing which was fine with me.  I thought the table top might have looked good if it was left with the wooden look but she wanted the conservatory, which is where the table was used, to be lightened up as much as possible so all white was agreed.

I gave her a quote and told her I would have it about 1 week which she said was fine.  I was so lucky with the weather on the week I worked on it as it was dry and the sun shone for most of it. It took the best part of 2 tins of Chalk White Rust-oleum paint and about half of a tin of Annie Sloane clear wax.    The top of the table had to be sanded due to stains and scratches which did take quite a while but after that it was straight forward.  The only problem I had, was painting so much white made my eyes start to think I could see yellow streaks in the paint.

After I had finished one chair I sent pictures so she could let me know if the distressing was enough or too much but she liked it and so I carried on and I did the same when the table was finished.

When it was completed I arranged to return it and I can honestly say I was very nervous about how she would re-act but thankfully she loved it and so did her husband which was a relief.

So I am now ready for my next one and after a dining table and 6 chairs I feel quietly confident that I can tackle most pieces of furniture, the only thing I would do differently is the time scale I will probably say 2 weeks in future and that way I can work on other things in between so the colour doesn’t become boring.

In my usual excitement to get started on a new job I forgot to take any before pictures but the first one of the table with top not painted is the colour of the whole set when I started.



Anyway I thoroughly enjoyed the process from beginning to end and look forward to my next commission.  To see the pictures of the finished set please visit and LIKE my Facebook page,



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