Put a lid on it!

I love what I do that’s why I do it, I don’t do it because I make a load of cash because believe me I don’t.  I love most aspects of up-cycling furniture right from mooching around second hand shops and antiques markets to browsing in the DIY shops looking at brushes, paint and wax.  The materials I buy have to be good quality and value for money. Which brings me to the question of WHY do paint suppliers make their paint pot lids out of metal that doesn’t hold it’s shape when pried off to open it?  Trying to put the lid back on when it’s become misshaped is impossible and then air can get into the paint and dry it up which then results in lumps of dry paint flaking off back into the tin and making the paint lumpy.


There could be a very good reason for the lids to be made from metal but some paint manufacturers do put their paint in plastic pots with plastic lids, Dulux springs to mind, so why don’t they all do it?

I use quite a few different brands Rustoleum, Craig & Rose, Farrow & Ball and Everlong to name a few and all of these brands use metal pots with metal lids.

I wouldn’t mind if you could buy plastic lids to replace the metal ones once the paint was opened but I have bought plastic lids from various places and they don’t fit the paint pots that I have.

I know for a fact that you can buy plastic lids to cover dog food tins once opened so why oh why can’t we get the same product for paint cans?

I have noticed that the wax tins have metal lids that quite easily fit back on even if they have been opened with a knife or screwdriver so again why is this? Has it got something to do with the contents of the paint tins being more easily spilled and therefore the lid needs to be stronger?

If anyone knows of any good reason why there can’t be plastic lids that fit the various sized paint pots please leave a comment or get in touch via facebook, twitter or email.

I have tweeted a few of the big brands and only rustoleum have got back to me and that was only to say they would pass my comment on to “the team”, I’m still waiting to hear from Craig and Rose, Farrow and Ball and Everlong.

Well that’s my rant over for now, take care and speak soon.

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