No Veneer In ‘Ere

Its a bold statement to make and lots of furniture shops make it. Its only when the purchaser decides to upcycle their piece that the poor Upcycler has to inform said purchaser that their SOLID wood furniture is in fact cheap wood with veneer over the top. I have been in that position and its not a nice thing to have to do. The customer has bought the item in good faith believing it to be solid wood when its a veneered piece.

The dresser and dining table that I have upcycled in the past×235.jpg was veneered and the first time I painted it it turned out fine as one layer of sanding was fine and didn’t go down too far but the second time I sanded the tops back it went straight through.

When this happened I contacted the customer straight away and explained what had happened and luckily for me she was very understanding and was open to suggestions of how to fix it. There was two options as far as I could see, one was to paint the tops to match or to contrast the bottom of the dresser/table or two to buy some veneer are redo it, baring in mind I have never done this before, she went for the second option…….HELP!!!

So I ordered the veneer from Amazon and read the instructions (which is a first for me). Measure twice and cut once so the saying goes, I measured about 10 times I was petrified of messing it up because it isn’t cheap and it was an expense my client wasn’t expecting. After I plucked up courage and cut it I set off sugar soaping it to get it spotlessly clean. Once that was done the iron got plugged in and off I went, oh my word it was such hard work, the iron needs to stay on the veneer enough to stick it but not too long otherwise it will burn. So much elbow grease is required to press and squeeze out the air bubbles, its not for the fainthearted. I used a hard block of clean wood to scrape along the veneer while it was still hot to smooth all the bubbles out.

Once it was ironed on and smooth I left it over night just to make sure all the bubbles were gone but much to my despair all the bubbles popped up again so off I went with the red hot iron again. This time the veneer stayed stuck…. phew.

The pieces of veneer were cut right at the edge and then sanded back very carefully to blend in with the top, also the join in the middle was sanded too to blend together…… very carefully.

After had sanding with 500 grit sand blocks it was finalyl ready for the wood stain which my client had picked to match up with the rest of her furniture in her kitchen/dining room, once that was applied then a Frenchic Finishing Coat was applied and there it was finished.

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