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Well it has been quite a while but I do have good reason well I think so.  We have finally moved house which has taken us just over one year due to our chain falling through 3 times at the last minute but we got there in the end.  We have taken quite a project on but the main thing for Vintage Cat is I will finally have my very own workshop, no more working in the freezing cold on a concrete floor in the depths of winter.

We moved in March and the building work started on June 1st.  I’m so glad the weather was kind to us as I spent most of that week in the garden and in my workshop.

The kitchen wall was knocked through into the dining room and new windows and a set of bi-folding doors were installed which look amazing.  Everything was going well we had a holiday booked at the end of the month and the plan was to leave the keys with the plasterer, he said he was a builder but he subbied the work out to a proper builder he was just a plasterer, anyway we left the keys with him and unfortunately he didn’t do much of anything the electrician was supposed to come and finish off what he could and again he didn’t do anything.  We were getting updates whilst we were away so it wasn’t much of a shock when we returned to find that they were both behind.  Since then we have struggled to get back on track and the end date is now mid December.

So that’s where we are now and its fine we have stopped blaming ourselves for going on holiday and at least we will be finished for Christmas.  I would not recommend living on site and I would definitely not recommend leaving builders to project manage themselves. Its been a massive learning curve.

Hopefully soon I will be able to get back to my furniture, I have carried on buying a few bits and pieces and have made a few sales but its time to get Vintage Cat back on track.

Lots of pictures to follow in the next post.

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Mandy – Vintage Cat


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