Here Today Gone Tomorrow . Hand Painted Furniture.

Moving house is a stressful time at the best of times but added to a trip to Ashford in Kent to collect your furniture in storage its way more stressful, that was my daughter last weekend… oh and mum and dad got to help.  The last thing you need is furniture falling to pieces when you move it.  The wardrobe from Argos is in pieces on the drive, the matching chest of drawers has no back and the front of the drawers are hanging off.  The only things that have survived are the few things I have hand painted and recycled for her so it goes to show that more expensive isn’t necessarily better quality.  Shop around in charity shops, antiques fairs, freecycle and Gumtree they are great places to pick up a gorgeous looking piece of furniture then get someone like me at Vintage Cat to hand paint it back to life for you, it will last as long as you want it to then you can get it painted again…. One of my favourite things I have done for her is a handsome coffee table that is as solid today as the day it was made.  She bought it for a few quid in a charity shop and I hand painted it for her in Pale Oak and the top was sanded back roughly then waxed.  If she were to sell it she would get a lot more and I get the feeling she will get bored with it before it needs replacing.

hand painted Coffee Table

This is the top after sanding.

Other things that I have finished this last month are these lovely vintage look coat hangers and a cute little foot stool.  The stool was looking

particularly sorry for itself on the top, the upholstery was stained and ripped so I made my first attempt at re-upholstery. I think I made a good job considering I have never done it before.  Maybe there is a course out there for beginners.

Well thanks again for reading.

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