Colour Charts

As a furniture painter I have my favourite materials I like to work with, paint, wax, brushes etc.  Once in a while I like to try new products especially paint.  I am a member of a Facebook page called Essentially Shabby and the people on there are great they give advice and give good feedback on products that they have used.  Somebody on there recommended a paint called Frenchic which I thought I might like to try, so I went on their website to have a look at their product range, some of the colours looked nice so I thought I would order a colour chart to get a better look at them only to find that they are charging £2.50 for it.  I have a few colour charts from other suppliers and they were all supplied free of charge either picked up in the paint shop or I emailed and asked for one and they sent it.

So I decided to check out a few more chalk paint suppliers and it seems that its a common practice to charge for colour charts.  Prices range from .50p to £2.50

Annie Sloan £1.00 but its a wheel that puts different colours together to show what they look like.

Vintro £1.99 hand painted or 50p machine printed

Farrow and Ball are free from the shop where they stock it.

Rustoleum are free from the shop where they stock it.

Autentico I cant get on the website due to my flash player not up to date but I checked one of their stockists

eclecticathome and their colour chart set (5 cards) is a staggering £13.50 or you can buy each card for £3.00 and on each one is a palette of similar colours, greens and blues, greys and earths etc.

Everlong charge 50p

So there you go you learn something everyday.


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