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Well the June has arrived and with it comes The Lincolnshire Antiques Fair at the Lincolnshire Showground promoted by Arthur Swallows @asfairs – follow the swallow 🙂 The trade day was Monday 2nd June and costs £20.00 to enter but you get first picks on all the fantastic stuff that is available. We are at a minor disadvantage as we live in the Manchester area so both times we have attended we have arrived at lunch time, we all know how time-consuming hiring a van is so add 45 mins onto a 2.5 hour journey and you can see why we only get there at lunch time. On Tuesday 3rd June it was £5.00 entry fee and then a world of antique, vintage, retro, shabby chic, unique, amazing and totally fantastic items opens up in front of your very eyes.  You can spend literally hours just on the first walk round before you start to decide which pieces you want to buy.

The first purchase we made was for our new house and it was a very rustic piece of what looks like farm machinery with 4 inch spikes all along 4 cast iron lengths and the way that the vendor had it set up it had oak shelving along the spike and tie wrapped to the spikes.  Looks stunning when completed.  We bought that for £50.00 and will look fantastic when we move in July/Aug.

The first item I bought for Vintage Cat was a set of metal and glass shelves I managed to get a good price and I will be changing the colour of the metal but not sure which way I am going to go yet.

Whilst I was walking around I saw a magnificent bow fronted cabinet with lead glass and ball and claw feet, I was informed that it was from the 1920’s – 1930’s so I also bought that and got it for a really good price and I am so looking forward to refinishing it in I think a French grey with cream interior.  Watch this space! There is also a large interior space that has all the silver, porcelain, glassware and small items, it is also a great place to go when it inevitably starts to rain.  There are numerous food stalls and plenty of toilet facilities with disabled access so you never need to leave the showground 🙂 My husband Colin – @TheSummats was on the look out for a leather chair and on our way walking around he spotted one that he really liked, it had a price of £160.00 on a sticker  but we noticed that the vendor was packing up so he made a cheeky offer of £120.00 and was shocked when it was accepted, so he was a very happy bunny indeed and now has his lovely comfy leather chair. My daughter also came with us and she is furnishing a new place with vintage/retro pieces and on the same stall as I got my fantastic bargain cabinet she asked the dealer to give her a price for a 60’s cocktail cabinet and an art deco glass display cabinet, she got both for £25.00, another happy bunny 🙂 Since I started in the Shabby Chic business I have wanted to “do” a set of step ladders but on previous searches they have been way too expensive for me to make a profit but at the Showground I managed to bag myself a set that needs some attention to the spindle at the back but once that has been sorted I will be hand painting them back to life and it will be a scratch most definitely itched 🙂 We noticed while walking up and down that there was an episode of Bargain Hunt being filmed I don’t know why I was surprised I’ve heard them say that sometimes that’s where the programme is coming from it was just a bit of a surprise 🙂  I saw Tim Wonnacott and Paul Laidlaw and they seemed like they were having fun :)) I also managed to bag myself a bargain on a lovely heavy mirror and my daughter bought an empty frame (pictured above) which she has now turned into a chalkboard menu.

It really is a great day out and if you like antique shopping or are just looking for a unique piece of furniture then it’s well worth the £5.00 entry fee because you really can hunt out a bargain 🙂 Take Care Vintage-Cat-Head-Image

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