No Veneer In ‘Ere

Its a bold statement to make and lots of furniture shops make it. Its only when the purchaser decides to upcycle their piece that the poor Upcycler has to inform said purchaser that their SOLID wood furniture is in fact cheap wood with veneer over the top. I have been in that position and its…

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New Year’s Presence!

A new year is upon us, it doesn’t seem 2 minutes since I got back from my holiday in July. I am already on with my first commission of the year, a lovely bench set that needs an uplift to fit in with a new kitchen refurbishment. One of my goals this year is to…

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Always learning.

Well what can I say I am a convert to Frenchic paint, it’s absolutely amazing, it goes on like silk and the paint itself goes such a long way. There is also a wonderful facebook forum where there is loads of help and advice with every item of furniture that has been painted and upcycled…

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Would You Like Ice With That?

So The Beast From The East is upon us!  It’s hard enough being a Furniture Whisperer through the winter months without these conditions.   The way I get around working outside is to paint small items so I can do them in my kitchen.  Of course I cant move all my materials inside so when I…

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