Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a very Happy & Safe New Year however you decided to celebrate it.  For us it was very quiet which is just the way we like it.  We forfeited the hot-pot for anti pasti which is a celebration of our love of Italy with some lovely bubbles of course!

It was very quiet for Vintage Cat also over the festive period as I was expecting but still managed to get a few smaller items of bespoke vintage furniture out through the post in time for the big day.

This year promises to be very exciting with a few new ideas coming up… watch this space!

I am also in the process of buying my own van so that on weekends I can deliver your purchases within a certain radius which I have yet to determine.

I also expect to be moving house and hopefully I will have my own workshop that is insulated and dry which will enable you to come and view pieces before buying and also will allow me to work come rain or shine.  I accept paypal payments but also accept paypal here which enables customers without a paypal account to pay with their credit/debit card, so that is a great solution to the problem of not carrying large amounts of cash when you are coming to check out a piece of furniture.

I have a few goals I would like to achieve this year most of which I am not going to divulge to you at this moment but one thing I would love to accomplish is to see one of my pieces on a TV programme or on the stage in an Amateur Dramatics production, so if there are any budding thespians out there and you think that something I have would be perfect for a play that you are staging please get in touch, there would be no charge for local theatrical companies… break a leg just not on the furniture!

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