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Well what can I say I am a convert to Frenchic paint, it’s absolutely amazing, it goes on like silk and the paint itself goes such a long way. There is also a wonderful facebook forum where there is loads of help and advice with every item of furniture that has been painted and upcycled by some very talented people.


The three pieces above have been upcycled using Frenchic Paint and Frensheen and the stencil for the Nautical Table is called Compass and it’s the XL2pt size from Stencil Stash and the Union Jack is A3 Large also from Stencil Stash.

I have also been commissioned to do a couple of pieces that I first did 3 years ago. Below are the pieces after I first upcycled them from dark wood to jet black.

The client wanted to brighten her kitchen up so she asked me if I would paint them again this time in cream. It was a complete opposite and I knew it was going to be a challenge. She decided to to go with Frenchic Al Fresco Cream Dream

When I first upcycled the dresser and dining table it was obvious that there was veneer on the dresser top and the dining table, when I was sanding back the wood the veneer was wearing thin. The next time I started sanding back the veneer completely vanished in places and really didnt look very good. I consulted with my client and we discussed 2 options, either to paint the dresser top which she wasn’t very keen to do or for me to re-veneer the top which was something I hadn’t done before (I made sure the client knew this). Pictures of the veneer showing through.

I ordered the veneer online from Amazon which came in 2m x 12″ and I worked out that I needed 2 which worked out at £39.90. It was an iron on veneer which sounded pretty straightforward so I gave it a go.

Below are some pictures of the completed re-veneered dresser top.

Once I had completed the veneer on top of the dresser I contacted my client to make sure she was happy with the result, she was happy, so we then decided on a stain to match up with her other wood in the kitchen/dining room, she settled on English Light Oak made by Colron.

The dresser top was quite straight forward the only tricky part was covering the black with the cream but 3/4 coats later it was finished, then the handles and hinges were spray painted in Rustoleum Chrome spray paint.

The client was very happy with the end result, she has had the furniture for the majority of her married life which only goes to show that well made furniture can last a very long time and with a little imagination can be included in the ever changing styles of home decor.

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